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Finishing a Needlepoint Yarmulke

By Peggy Bond:

How to finish off a needlepoint kippah.

As an example the mosaic needlepoint yarlmuke has been made with four blank triangular areas. These are the “darts” which will be sewn together to give the yarmulke its shape.


After your yarmulke canvas has been stitched and blocked, trim the canvas leaving a ¼ boarder beyond the stitching. Save this extra canvas and use it as a pattern for the lining. I recommend using 100% quilting-weight cotton for the lining.

Mark darts on the lining to match those of the yarmulke.

Yarmulke with darts sewn

Sew the dart on the canvas together. Steam press the edges of the darts to one side, so they lay flat and form a smooth rounded shape on the top of the yarmulke. Repeat for the lining, pressing the dart in the opposite direction of the direction that you pressed the canvas. 

With wrong sides together, stitch the lining and canvas together at the edge of the needlepointing. Trim as needed so that the ¼ inch bias tape can be attached to the outside edge, covering the unstitched canvas.

Finished yarmulke

The materials I used were:

1 black fat quarter of cotton quilting-weight fabric
1 package Wrights’ ¼ inch double fold bias tape.

I stitched the yarmulke, lining, and bias tape on my home sewing machine, but it can also be hand stitched, which will take just a little bit longer.

At NeedlePaint, let us create a custom yarmulke canvas for you to stitch!

Friday Favorites – Needlepoint Belt Kits – Beer Can Key FOB – Dogs

Happy weeekend everyone!  Colorado is known as the sunshine state, and today it is 70 degress in Denver!

Below are some of the projects we finished yesterday including some fun Baby Needlepoint Kits, Custom Belt Needlepoint Kits, Custom Needlepoint Key FOB Kit, Cute Needlepoint Dogs, custom wedding needlepoint and a custom kippah.

We’ve got a lot of great new projects and reviews to show off over the next few weeks so please stay tuned.

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