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Always the classic concept, we’ve finally added the nautical flag needlepoint belt to our personalized needlepoint shop.

International maritime signal flags were used around the world for hundreds of years.  Flags would be hoisted to communicate between ship captains.

Each of the flags on the belt stand for a letter, and the needlepoint belt below spells out Jacob Payson Chamberlain.

Order your own custom needlepoint canvas, and we will adjust the flags to your request and fit it to your exact waist size.  If you’d like to change the background color or modify the design in any way, feel free to contact us directly, we’d be happy to help design the belt of your dreams!

Maritime Nautical Flag Needlepoint Belt

Maritime Nautical Flag Needlepoint Belt

Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvas Preview

Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvas Preview


Comments on: "Custom Nautical Flag Needlepoint Belt" (6)

  1. Jo Nelle Kepper said:

    I am interested in a kit that spells out Stephen McKell Kepper or a ready made belt that has it. Can you send me information as to cost solar, etc.

  2. Thanks for gettin in touch! I have emailed pricing information to you, if you have any more questions let us know.

    Thanks! Seth

  3. Donna Glosemeyer said:

    I need a finished belt that spells out a name with 16 letters, or if I use entire middle name it has 22 letters. Please give me a quote for finished product and time frame involved. Thanks.

  4. Can you also embrioder other icons or logos (college) in addition to the name being spelled in flags on the belt

    • Thanks for getting in touch! Yes, we can add other needlepoint icons onto a custom belt. We’ve done sailboats, but also open to your ideas.

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