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Two New Needlepoint Belts

We worked on two more needlepoint belt projects, and they came out really well.  We’ve titled these Whisky and Gunpowder and Air School.  I can’t wait to see them finished!

You will also notice that we added a new section to our Personalized Needlepoint Shop.

Below these images is a description from our press announcement which explains our process in a little more detail.

Whiskey and Gunpowder Needlepoint Belt Design

Air School Airplane Needlepoint Belt Canvas

Close up of the Air School Needlepoint Belt Design

This week has launched a new needlepoint belt web page. Needlepoint belts have long been a favorite for men and women who love traditional style belts. NeedlePaint is taking this a step further by allowing stitchers to create their own custom style for their belts.

The new web page features exclusive designs that can incorporate space for a custom monogram. Customers can also request color changes and even design element changes.

Starting out with 3 new designs, there are many more in the works. The belt canvases are also available as needlepoint kits which come with matched DMC floss. The needlepoint canvases are typically designed on 18 mesh canvas.

If you have an idea for a belt, please contact NeedlePaint and they will be happy to help design your own custom needlepoint belt. Belt canvases start at $51.25 and all customers will be given a digital preview for approval before their canvases are made.

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