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Tropical Gamefish Needlepoint Belt

How great is Tracy (our designer)?  I think she is wonderful and if you agree, why not let her know by leaving some feedback in the comments about her work on the new Tropical Gamefish Needlepoint Belt!

Boating and needlepoint have long ties, the look and quality of a hand stitched belt makes the outfit at the tournaments.  Or, when just wearing it around town, people will stop and stare at this design.  This design is also available to stitch yourself as a gamefish needlepoint kit.

This belt features many of the favorites: Marlin, Bluefin tuna, Wahoo, Yellowfin tuna, Mahi Mahi, Swordfish, King Mackerel, Sailfish, and Blackfin tuna. But, if there is something missing or you want to adjust the order, just let us know!

Custom monograms are Free, and you can even change the background color.  Don’t forget to let Tracy know if you love the design!

Tropical Gamefish Needlepoint Belt

Tropical Gamefish Needlepoint Belt

Gamefish Needlepoint Belt in Taupe

Gamefish Needlepoint Belt in Taupe


New Needlepoint Belt Kits Out Just in Time for the Holidays!

Three new belts at Needlepaint! Newport and Fishing Belt.

These new Needlepoint belts are perfect gift for dad or any loved one for the holidays.  Stitching personalized needlepoint (you can add a monogram, date or even name of your favorite lake or river!) is a great way to give a personal touch to your holiday gift.  Your work and thoughtfulness is preserved in every stitch you make.

The fishing belt is a great way to spot an avid fisherman sporting bass and bluegill fishys.  This unique belt will definitely be a great addition to any wardrobe.  Our second new belt in the Newport anchor belt.  It is a wonderful gift for any for any sailor or lover of the water. This belt adds a nautical touch to anyone’s style.

We have lots on needlepoint belt kits to choose from.  Check out all of our needlepoint belts at Needlepaint!  I’m sure we have the perfect gift for you.