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We’ve had a number of really cool needlepoint designs come through recently.

Below are three of my favorite needlepoint canvases we’ve made recently.  They were created using Instagram.

If you are not familiar with this process, the website above and many others use your photos, and turn your photo into a vintage looking image.

From there, you can save the photo and use it in to make your own photo into needlepoint.

That is enough writing, have a look at these cool needlepoint canvases!

Love LA Needlepoint Canvas

Love LA Needlepoint Canvas

Cool Dog Needlepoint Canvas from Instagram

Cool Dog Needlepoint Canvas from Instagram

Instagram Cat - Cool Needlepoint Kit

Instagram Cat – Cool Needlepoint Kit

If you have a photo you would like to try with the instagram filter, but don’t have an account, you can email us the photo and we will make a preview for you.  (There is no charge for previews  🙂

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