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One of our customers wrote us recently, and was asking if we had any recommendations on good stitches to use on her dog needlepoint kit.

Luckily Peggy has some good ideas, and even created her own stitch which you can see below.  This is her reply, and as usual, her reference pages are from The Needlepoint Book by Jo Ippolito Christensen.  I thought that since we make so many dog and cat needlepoint kits, that this post would be a good one to share!

From Peggy:

Rabbit is done in Mosaic Checker (pg 215) form The Needlepoint Book. Additionally, the haunches are done with two different colors of thread which are very close in color. The Mosaic Checker in the book is shown with 2 contracting colors.

Greek stitch (p 270) in the Needlepoint Book works very nicely as well. I have done one part horizontal and the other vertical which would work well for different parts of the dogs body. Also you can do it diagonally for another variation. This is shown on p 270. And, two different tone of thread could be used here.

And, finally a 2 tone padded cross stitch. This is one that I came up with and a diagram is attached.

Needlepoint Rabbit with Textured Stitches

Greek Stitch

Padded Cross Stitch

Padded Cross Stitch Diagram

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