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Friday Favorites – Custom Belt Needlepoint Canvases – Marilyn Monroe – Dogs

I know it is no longer Friday, but these images were taken then, and I’m just trying to keep up with the holiday orders.

I’m excited we sold our first Marilyn Monroe needlepoint canvas from New York Needleworks.  It came out very well!

Marilyn Monroe Needlepoint Canvas

Marilyn Monroe Needlepoint Canvas

Of course I had to share an image of our custom needlepoint belt canvases, every week brings new challenges and creative new concepts that will end up on a lucky person’s waist.

Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Custom Needlepoint Belt Canvases

And last but certainly not least, we have a spread of custom dog needlepoint canvases from photos and one from artist Fowler Ruffin.  Holiday season is here, and keep in mind you have until Dec. 10th to guarantee arrival before Christmas without any domestic shipping surcharge.  (Dec. 17th is the hard cutoff).

Custom Dog Needlepoint Canvases from Photos

Custom Dog Needlepoint Canvases from Photos

All About Photo Needlepoint Kits Dogs N Cat

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you know how much we love our pets!

NeedlePaint probably has the best looking custom needlepoint kits for working needlepoint from photo.

Have a look at our workshop table last Friday (see below) these are some fun projects!

Our kits come with either Waverly wool or DMC floss, hand made and matched to your pet.  Or if you prefer matching your own colors or working in a different fiber, our needlepoint canvases still come with a counted stitch guide and color chart matched to one of the two fiber options.  I suggest using the DMC color palate if you are buying your own fiber, as there are many free color conversion charts available online.

If you would like to see needlepoint dog breeds, we have some favorites on the website.  Or, if you prefer to stitch your own pet, you can needlepoint a photo using our online designer.  You can customize the design size, mesh count, number of colors and fiber type with the click of a button!  There is no fee to try out needlepoint designer so why not give it a try!

***If you are looking to stitch a graphic illustration, poem, or name, please contact us, our website is optimized for photos, but we can manually adjust your design so it comes out looking sharp.

Dog Needlepoint Kits from Photos

Dog Needlepoint Kits from Photos

St. Louis Cardinals Needlepoint Rally Pillow

Check out this St. Louis Cardinals Rally Needlepoint Pillow, that one of our customers stitched!

I love the fabric on the back that she choose, and the clean look with the piping on the front.

Nice stitching Connie!

If you have any custom needlepoint project ideas, your can try creating your own needlepoint from photo designs on our website:, or email us a project, and we’d be happy to design it for you!

cardinals needlepoint pillow

St Louis Cardinals Needlepoint Rally Pillow

The Back of the Cardinals Rally Pillow

The Back of the Cardinals Rally Pillow



Grandma’s House Needlepoint

What a treat when our customers send back pictures of their custom needlepoint projects fully finished!

This project was based off a water color painting of their childhood house.

The stitcher took some liberties with the flowers below, and really made this a stunning needlepoint house!

Grandma's House Needlepoint 18 x 11.7 inches on 14 mesh canvas

Grandma’s House Needlepoint 18 x 11.7 inches on 14 mesh canvas

The original watercolor we used to create the canvas design.

The original watercolor we used to create the canvas design.


Large House Needlepoint Kit from Photo

Last week we designed and made a needlepoint kit for a stitcher who’s son recently purchased a new home.

The size she wanted to stitch was 23 inches by 13 inches.  The tricky part was that she could not get the two doors of the house to show up in the same image.  She emailed me 4 images, and I took two of the angles that I thought would work, and stitched them together.

It came out looking muddy due to the colors and lighting of the day, so after reviewing it with her, we decided I would “touch up” the canvas to make it easier to stitch.  The touch up included removing the grill and trash cans, along with a lot more things she didn’t think were needed.  We even added a new sky above the house.  After sending her the touched up preview, she loved it!  She received the canvas and was thrilled, which is always nice to hear

Even if your needlepoint photo is not perfect, if you contact us, we can probably help!  Visit our website to get our phone number and email address.

Photo of the House Needlepoint Kit

Original NeedlePaint Preview of the Stitched Photo



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