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Smile Modern Pillow Needlepoint Kit

Are you looking for a fun new needlepoint pillow design?

One that will bring a smile to your face and brighten up your home?

Well, I know this design brings a smile to my face and I also think it looks great.

You can order the smile needlepoint kit or contact us for pricing if you want to order a needlepoint pillow.

Keep in mind, that the colors can be customized to match your home, and the design can be made 18 x 12 inches if we use 10 mesh canvas.

Smile Needlepoint Pillow Kit

Smile Needlepoint Pillow Kit

Smile Black and White Needlepoint Pillow Canvas

Smile Black and White Needlepoint Pillow Canvas


Custom Needlepoint Pillows

We are making custom needlepoint pillows!

These two pillows were just finished and look great!

You can look at our website for some of our modern needlepoint designs, personalized needlepoint designs, or if you’d prefer us to make a custom pillow with your own design, we’d love to do that.

Both pillows in this photo are stitched using wool, and are on 12 mesh canvas.  Prices for ring bearer pillows start at $100 and for 14 x 14 inch pillows start around $160.  We go by the number of stitches and size.

For photo pillows, the maximum number of colors is 14, but we’re happy to help design the pillow for you, just email us the photo along with your ideas, and we’ll put together a preview for you.  (Photo pillows are more expensive than the normal, by typically $40-$60 depending on the design)

Of course, if you’d prefer to stitch your own needlepoint canvas, we’d be happy to help with the needlepoint design, and also offer a pillow finishing service.

Custom Needlepoint Pillows

Custom Needlepoint Pillows


New Modern Needlepoint Pillow Designs!

We have added more needlepoint kits to our website including some modern needlepoint designs!

This one is a contemporary geometric pattern.  This Tulare needlepoint pillow design is inspired from a vintage furniture book showing chair textile patterns.  I have shown it in a smaller application on a seat cover below.  Also, check out the larger pattern on a pillow application!  This accent pillow would go beautifully on a white or tan bed coverlet or sofa.  It gives any room a excellent modern touch.

pattern in repeat

example of Tulare Pillow!

Friday Design Inspiration – New Needlepoint Kits This Week

We make so many great custom needlepoint kits, that I realized that we should be sharing them with our readers!  (With their permission of course)

This week a customer designed a needlepoint canvas that not only looks amazing, but has a great story behind it.

These red shoes took her around Croatia, after connecting with relatives from the “old country”.  The story behind them, is that they were lent to her durning a rainy  week by her cousin, and her daughter took a picture of them before returning them.

What a great picture, and think about how great is this going to look when it is stitched!

Red Walking Shoes Modern Needlepoint Canvas


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