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This has been a long time coming.  NeedlePaint is finally offering leather finishing to our needlepointers at a great value.  You mail us your needlepoint project and we’ll turn it into a beautiful belt.

We’re charging $60 to existing customers for needlepoint belt finishing.  We use top grain leather with a solid brass buckle.  Or, if you prefer, we can use a silver buckle. The needlepoint is glued onto the leather for a crisp clean look.

Choose from 3 colors of leather: Tan, Oxblood (our most popular), and Black.

Needlepoint Belt Finishing Service

Needlepoint Belt Finishing

You will need to stitch 1.25 – 1.5 inches high. The area between the leather ends is 8 inches smaller than the final belt size. We need at least 1 inch of extra needlepoint on each side to be covered by the leather. See the image below for how to measure an existing belt to the most worn hole. If you can’t measure, we suggest ordering 3 inches larger than the pant size.

How to Measure a Needlepoint Belt

How to Measure a Needlepoint Belt

It takes us 3-6 weeks to finish a belt.  As always, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee you’ll love the quality of our work.

If you are looking for a custom designed needlepoint belt canvas, we’d love to help!  Or browse all of our needlepoint belt designs, we have hundreds and are happy to modify and personalize any design.

Comments on: "Needlepoint Belt Finishing – High Quality Leather with Solid Brass Buckles" (4)

  1. Lorna Howard said:

    I have finished needpoint project for my husband and want to get it made into a belt. I would like the oxblood with silver buckle. Needs to be 44 inches long.
    How do I send it to you. Need address to mail it to company.
    Do I make Check for sixty dollars even. Does that include shipping back to me also.

    • Sorry for the delay! I don’t get emails when people post comments, so I only check the blog about once a month when we’re working on a new project to post. We’d love to help. We charge $5.00 for shipping. Please ship to:

      2720 S Tejon St
      Englewood CO 80110

      Also, please include your name, return address, size, leather color, and buckle finish with your needlepoint. Thanks! Seth

  2. Donna Wickham said:

    I would like my needlepoint finished into a belt. His current needlepoint belt is a 38. I would like brass and oxblood.

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