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A few months back, we had a few requests to design the West Point Military Academy campus which sits on high ground overlooking the Hudson River in West Point, New York.

The West Point Campus Needlepoint Belt was really fun, it features an American flag, Mitchie Stadium, the Cadet Chapel, Washington Hall, George Washington Statue, Jefferson Hall Library, Battle Monument overlooking Trophy Point on the Hudson, and a Bald Eagle.

We even have worked on a customized version that featuers a new visitors center that is being built!

West Point Needlepoint Belt

West Point Needlepoint Belt

I also am including in this post some feedback we recieved about our belts recently:

“Yesterday was —’s birthday and he LOVED the belt.  In fact, he said it was
the best gift he has received…  The image of Beezo was particularly good.  I appreciate all your help making this happen.”  Laura 2015-07-23

“the belt looks great, very happy with it.”  Mike  2015-7-11

“The belt arrived and looks FANTASTIC, of course!  Thank you for creating such a memorable gift for my husband… and for your inexhaustible patience.   :)”  Mary 2015-07-10

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  1. Janice Kotnik said:

    Your West Point items look interesting, however, I must tell you that the school is not called West Point Military Academy and never has been. The correct name is the United States Military Academy at West Point. This is a more accurate way to describe your items since there is no such as place as West Point Military Academy.

    • Hi Janice, thank you for the update. Unfortunatly the full name of the academy is too long for us to put into our page title, so we stuck with West Point. This often happens like with The University of Texas at Austin. The United States Military Academy at West Point uses the website for the same reason. I hope you do not find our abbreviation offensive.

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