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We’ve done a few flies on custom needlepoint belts recently, but per request we finally created a dedicated fly fishing needlepoint belt design.

This design features a lot of color variations of clouser minnow flies and a fly rod.

Now, if you’ve got another fly(s) that you or a person (whom you’re kind enough to be stitching a belt for) happens to use different flies, just let us know and we’ll create a custom needlepoint design just for you!

Below the needlepoint belt preview you will see the fly fishing and bird hunting canvases we made last week, both came out really well!

Fly Fishing Needlepoint Belt

Fly Fishing Needlepoint Belt


Bird Hunting and Fly Fishing Needlepoint Belt Canvases

Bird Hunting and Fly Fishing Needlepoint Belt Canvases

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  1. Susanne Villemarette said:

    I noticed this site was July 2013
    I am interested in this Fly Fishing canvas
    Is it still available? And what is the price.

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