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where you can design your own Needlepoint!

Official blog of – where you can design your own Needlepoint Kit!

I’ve made a custom needlepoint kit for my wedding!  It came out well, you can see the preview of the stitched canvas I uploaded last week.  The letters were a bit fuzzy, but after looking at the canvas, these will be easy to do.

Custom Ring Bearer Pillow Stitched Preview

The NeedlePaint needlepoint kits include all the floss, stitch guide, and needle.

Ring Bearer Needlepoint Kit

So, where does a beginner start?  I’ve been wanting to learn needlepoint, and this is a great reason to start.  What I’ve found are some great instructional pages and videos!

I started at About Needlepoint and came across Susan Battle’s how to needlepoint videos.  The videos are a much easier starting place for me, as Peggy is out of town, and I don’t have anybody to walk me through counted stitch guides.

The continental stitch will be perfect for doing all the sides and boarders, so I’ll start there and update the blog with as much helpful information for beginners or people who have not stitched in a long while.

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  2. Ann Mowry said:

    How do I order a ring bearer pillow kit?

    • NeedlePaint said:

      Hi, sorry for the late reply! I’ve been traveling and somehow missed this message.

      You can email us at info (at) or call our office 720-295-8277 to discuss the project. Also, we have a bunch more designs we have made, but not added to our shop yet.

      Thanks, Seth

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