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Customer Spotlight – Needlepoint Letter Box Pillow

Personalized needlepoint projects are our passion, and seeing the beautiful work finished makes the days a little sunnier.

This Rochelle letter pillow needlepoint kit was stitched by Tish in VA.  I love the box pillow and the subtle colors.  It looks like it would go great in a beach home.   Nice stitching Tish!

You can personalize your design by changing colors and of course changing letters.  Or, let us create a custom needlepoint project for you!  Please visit our website for more ideas.

Needlepoint Letter Box Pillow

Rochelle Needlepoint Letter Pillow – stitched by Tish in VA

Chess Board Pillow

This newly designed Chess Board Pillow is a perfect accessory to add to your couch, your study, or your game room! The design includes all pieces lined up on the top and bottom in black and white, respectively.

This pillow kit can add class to any room of your house and it is a great gift for your favorite chess connoisseur.

Each of our kits are hand-made on Zweigart Mono Canvas, and are really great projects.

A perfect fabric color to use on the back of this pillow would be black with nice clean piping, if you are struggling to find a fit to accentuate the chess pieces on the pillow.

The pillow design will be available on our website soon!