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Custom Wave Letter Needlepoint Pillow

Our new Custom Wave Letter Needlepoint Pillow was inspired by psychedelic patterns, and will catch anyone’s attention.

This is a fully customizable pillow, so the letter and the colors are able to be changed according to the stitcher’s needs.

This pillow will make a great gift or project to start off your summer with.  This design is appropriate for all ages and will look good in any bedroom!

Available now on our website.

color lines letter pillow webshot

Customizable Braid-Style Letter Pillow

Everybody loves personalized items, right? Something to show off your identity and personality, with a little pizzaz.

If this is applies to you, then this pillow will be perfect! It is a modern, cubist, braid-style personalized letter pillow.  We can customize the colors and the letter on the pillow to fit the stitcher’s needs.

This pillow would make a great gift for people of all ages and will brighten any room! This new design is now available on our website.

letter pillow webshot