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Needlepoint Kindle Covers Revisted

After finishing my first e book cover, I sat down with my Needlepaint partners to discuss design and construction. Assembling the first cover was not so simple as it could have been. Voila! We came up with a simple to assemble design which used the magnets in the Nook box as closures.

For this second Nook cover, the Needlepoint canvas was 5-1/2” by 18” designed by one of our partners and far more intricate than my previous. I had fun needlepointing this canvas as I could use lots of different stitches.

Needlepaint Design

Once stitched and blocked, I cut the black cotton lining material to 6-1/2” by 20”, which includes a ½” seam allowance on the sides and a 1” allowance on the ends.

Lining template

With right sides together, sew the lining and needlepoint canvas together along last row of thread. This should leave an approximate 1” seam allowance on the lining. Trim canvas to ½” , turn, and fold along seam line. Place magnets as shown on template above and stitch around each to hold them in place.

Magnet Placement

With magnets in place and work turned to right side, sew side seams along finished end of the canvas. Trim to ¼” and bind with matching bias tape.


Finished Cover Side1


Finished Cover Side2


There are many variations which one could make to this sleek cover:

  • Replace the bias tape with a fancy braid — my suggestion which was overruled by my Needlepaint partner who will be using the cover.
  • Add handle which my 93-year old mother is convinced is essential.
  • Eliminate the bias binding by making the Needlepaint canvas 1/2″ wider. Fold canvas in half width-wise with wrong side showing. Sew side seams, trim to 1/4″, and turn. Repeat for lining, but do not turn. Fold lining over 1″ to the outside and place magnet or other closure option. Insert lining into Needlepaint cover and sew linig to canvas.

If your e-reader is not a Nook and you don’t have magnets, the closure could also be made with Velcro which is available in several different colors and as self-adhesive or sew-on varieties.

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