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Way to Go Villanova! – Needlepoint

A 3-pointer at the buzzer! Almost too much to believe. The Cats never won the NCAA while I was a student at VU in the Sixties, but basketball season was almost as important as classes. I don’t think I ever missed a home game. Back in those days our student activities fee entitled us to free tickets, and we crowded into our small field house or took the train in Philly to the University of Pennsylvania’s Palestra to cheer on the Cats. I remember several games that ended with a buzzer shot for 2 points. This was long before the 3-pointers and before several of the buidlings on our Campus at Villanova University Belt.

Villanova Basketball Needlepoint Belt

I have yet to stitch this design but will now have to do it and admit to my age — Class of ’69. That wasn’t just before the 3-pointer and new buildings, but before VU was co-ed. I was one of the first women engineers to graduate and proud of it!

P.S.  We also have custom belts for NCAA tournament teams:  North Carolina and Kansas.  And a lot more college campus needlepoint designs here.