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Large Needlepoint Kits

This week we got to make a number of large needlepoint canvases!

We had a 21 x 12.5 inch, 16 x 16, a 16 x 15, and a 18 x 13 along with 10, 14, and 18 mesh orders, it made for quite a colorful day on the work table!

While these are large, we can actually make needlepoint kits that are up to 38 x 48 inches!

Check out the large needlepoint canvases we made this week!

Some of the colors used this week

Chocolate Lab Needlepoint Canvas – Available in our Shop!


Bald Eagle Needlepoint Kit – Available in our Etsy Shop

Golden Heart Ring Bearer Pillow Needlepoint Kit – Also in the NeedlePaint Shop…




Amazing Photo’s Make Great NeedlePoint Kits

Recently, I was came across some amazing stitching work done by Su Embroidery Studio.  I found their work at Mary Corbet’s Needle ‘N Thread blog.  If you have time, you need to see these images!  This got me thinking about how many beautiful animal portrait needlepoint kits we’ve made at and how thrilled the response has been by our customers.

Normally, people will send in the best images of their pet, but I think that there is a lot more opportunity for people who are looking for other types of special projects.

One of the great things about, is that we are 100% custom, so if you can’t find great needlepoint kits of your favorite animals, you can have us make it for you!  I’m using the bald eagle as an example.  I searched and I could not find anything really good.  You can see my search results below.

Product Search Results on Google

After that, I just looked for images of “bald eagle head”, and found thousand of spectacular images.  Please be careful not to select a copyrighted image, if you cannot find a free image, then I recommend going to There you can view thousands of animal photos that cost under $5.  You can purchase the XSmall size.

Source Image for Bald Eagle Canvas

Next, I uploaded this picture onto NeedlePaint and look how great it looks!

NeedlePaint Preview on 12 x 12" white 14 mesh canvas

I can imagine thousands canvases for people who love ducks, cows, and all types of animals.  Istockphoto really has a great selection of both farm and wild animals, just type in the name and enjoy!