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Easy to Stitch 10 Mesh Needlepoint Canvases

In case you have not been on our website lately, or not noticed the small option in the needlepoint designer, you may be glad to hear we now offer both 10 and 12 mesh needlepoint canvases.

10 mesh canvases have larger holes, and appeal to stitchers who may appreciate being able to see the design more easily.  As we age, you could understand the appeal in this.

To order a 10 mesh canvas, click on the 10 to see a digital preview of your design.

10 mesh canvas

Click on the 10 to preview your design on 10 mes canvas

Along with the larger mesh sizes, we offer waverly needlepoint wool to go with our custom needlepoint kits.  This is a three ply wool, with vibrant colors and a great feel.

Whether you want to needlepoint a photo, or shop our personalized needlepoint designs, you now have the options to stitch a mesh count that works for you.  If you see a design you like in our shop that you would like to purchase, contact us.

Below is a Molokai Sunrise Needlepoint Canvas designed by Cole Mosher on 10 mesh canvas.

Molokai Sunrise on 10 mesh Needlepoint Canvas

Molokai Sunrise on 10 mesh Needlepoint Canvas