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People love to wear their needlepoint!  It is the biggest trend I’ve seen over the last 7 years, more and more needlepoint is being turned into products that can be used, especially amongst the younger generations.

Custom Needlepoint Slippers and Loafers

The most eye popping project we’ve worked on recently are needlepoint slippers and needlepoint loafers.  Check these out!

Needlepoint Slippers

Needlepoint Slippers and Needlepoint Loafers

This project came to us from a customer in New Orleans.  We designed two new custom needlepoint slipper canvases for him.  (The link actually shows another project we did for a pair of womens needlepoint slippers, but pricing and template are the same)

As far as needlepointing a project like this goes, it is pretty simple.  There are two needlepoint kits that come with thread, which you needlepoint the design area like most projects (in a tent stitch).  Once you are done with the needlepoint, you send them off to be turned into slippers or loafers.  Our customer recommended using: George Cleverly in London. Another finisher in the UK is Bowhill and Elliot. Our customer who stitched the first pair of slippers recommended using: company website is: )

Below you can see a needlepointed canvas before and fully finished needlepoint loafers after, enjoy!

Needlepoint Slippers Template Stitched

Needlepoint Slippers Template Stitched

Comments on: "Needlepoint Slippers and Loafers in Style" (3)

  1. Cynthia Gibson said:

    Hello, I have stitched needkepoint pumps for my husband and has tgem finished in London. Now i would like to make a pair for myself. I need the pattern, blank canvas and I have the wool. Also I will need a source in London to have them finished. Can you help me? Thanks!

    • Hi Cynthia, sorry for the delay! I don’t always get notifications for some reason. Did you get in touch with the finishers mentioned above? We’d love to help with the design, just need to confirm these are slippers or loafers. Please let me know and reply our Thanks, Seth

  2. Cynthia Gibson said:

    Sorry for the typing mistskes

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