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We’ve shown a lot of needlepoint belts on our website, but if you are looking for another fun easy idea for a new project, Kathy at Leatherprize just emailed me some pictures of needlepoint wallets that she finished recently.  Don’t they look great?!!

Custom Needlepoint Wallet

Custom Needlepoint Wallet

These are simple projects for beginners to advanced stitchers who want to stitch something that can be used in the day to day…

We can design a custom needlepoint canvas for you.  The design size (including an extra stitch to fold the edge over with) is 9.1 x 3.5 inches.  Normally you can repeat a design on both sides, or we can do two different designs!

Monograms, favorite sports, hobies, or teams are a few ideas for mens wallets.

Needlepoint Wallet Front

Needlepoint Wallet Front

Needlepoint Wallet Inside

Needlepoint Wallet Inside

If you are looking for a great needlepoint belt finisher Kathy is your person.  We’ve been sending our customers to her and have had great reviews.  Poke around her website, there are lots of ideas there that we’d be happy to help design the canvas for you to stitch and have her finish.

Contact us if you’d like help designing your own needlepoint kit for a belt or wallet.


Comments on: "Custom Needlepoint Wallets" (6)

  1. tenley phillips said:

    Just wondering how much the canvas (and finishing) would be for a monogramed canvas.

    THANKS!!!! Love these wallets!

  2. Looking for a wallet canvas to needlepoint for my son. He would like a lighthouse design on front of wallet and plain needlepoint on back. He would like the background to be navy blue. Can you custom paint a canvas?

  3. Debbie Faulconer said:

    I am looking for a men/s wallet to needlepoint. Something with a lawn mower on it and under it to say
    “Faulconers Landscapping”. How much would this cost? And how is it finished?

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