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We had a request to modify our whiskey and gunpowder needlepoint belt for a bird hunter, and it came out so well, I had to put it in the shop!

The Bird Hunting Needlepoint Belt includes: diamond shape monogram, a shotgun (this one is a baretta), a pheasant, quail, dove, a black and white english setter, and a shotgun shell.

Not all people hunt the same birds, so if you want a custom needlepoint design, you can enter the changes in the notes field of your order.  We will email you a preview of your belt before we make it.

What kind of needlepoint belt do you want to stitch?

Custom Bird Hunting Needlepoint Belt Canvas

Custom Bird Hunting Needlepoint Belt Canvas

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  1. Where do I buy this belt? Custom Bird Hunting Needlepoint Belt Canvas. Having trouble finding the belt
    designs. Love the belt as is.

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