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Morehead State Needlepoint Wallet Canvas

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Needlepoint canvases from photographs can be more difficult to stitch. We recommend using less than 20 colors for less experienced stitchers. If this is a gift, please check with the recipient on what mesh count they prefer to work with. 18 mesh has very small holes and can be difficult to see, 14 is the most common and 12 mesh is better for someone who’s eyesight is not as good as it used to be.

"Beaker" was born into the Eagle family in 1993, and became an integral part of the atmosphere at Morehead State University. He is often found doing the "chicken dance" with his buddies at sporting events. Stitch this needlepoint wallet canvas, in blue and gold, and create a wallet that any student or alumni will love using. Please feel free to substitute one image for a monogram.

Officially licensed and approved by Morehead State University.

Mesh Count: 18 per inch

Canvas Size: 10.67 x 5.17 inches

Print Size: 8.67 x 3.17 inches

Number of Colors: 4

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