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Needlepoint Belts

Predesigned Belts start at $165.00 and include a FREE monogram.
Custom Needlepoint Belts start at $175.00.
Belt canvas kits start at $55.25

Needlepoint Pillows

Hand-stitched and finished Needlepoint Pillows prices are calculated based on size, thread colors and number of stitches. These are some example sizes based on the default 12 mesh (12 stitches per inch):

Fully Stitched & Finished Pillow
4"x 4" $137.22
8"x8" $188.86
10"x10" $227.60
12"x12" $274.94
16"x16" $395.46

There is an additional $30 fee for custom projects.

Needlepoint Kit (Stitch your Own)

Kit pricing based on number of thread colors and size of canvas. Here are some sample prices for 12 mesh canvas with and without thread:

Canvas and Stitch Guides Only Canvas, Guides & Thread Included
4"x4" $38.40 $49.07
8"x8" $62.40 $81.07
10"x10" $80.40 $105.07
12"x12" $102.40 $134.40
1"6"x16" $158.40 $209.07

For pricing based on your exact dimensions, mesh and specifications, simply design now: you can upload your image and click finish in the designer. The price for your kit or product will be calculated, and it will be ready for purchase. Or feel free to contact us and we will provide a quote.