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How to Design a Custom Needlepoint Key Fob

Creating your own custom needlepoint key fob is quick and easy with the ability to upload your photo right to this page. You are given the ability to preview the look of your key fob immediately. If your key fob does not look quite right, send us an email of the photo and we will make sure that it is customized to your specifications.

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS - Learn to create the needlepoint key fob of your dreams by watching our instructional video. Afterwards, you can upload your design directly to this page and see how it turned out.

Please note, the video is for belts. The custom needlepoint key fobs are 126 x 22 pixels, 18 dpi. VISIBLE design area = 117 stitches wide x 20 stitches high. (Design Size = 7in x 1.22in, Visible Area = 6.5in x 1.1in). See this page to learn more about key fobs

If you do not fancy yourself a designer, you can opt to order a Life Treasures Custom Needlepoint Key Fob and we will handle the design process for you. Once you place the order, we will have a design preview ready within 3 - 5 business days. We will email you a draft of your design and you will have a chance to review and make adjustments if needed. We will not start stitching until you are completely happy with your key fob's appearance.

Our key fobs are needlepointed by hand and finished using real leather. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the design and quality of our work. Please be sure you send us any important details about colors that will be helpful. The color you see on the computer screen is very close to real, but digital colors do change from computer screen to computer screen.