Listing for a fully stitched and hand-finished pillow made to order in 8-12 weeks
Also available as a needlepoint kit
Saint Bernard Needlepoint Pillow Kit

Saint Bernard Needlepoint Pillow


About Needlepoint pillows

The best needlepoint pillows are the ones we hand stitch from 100% Waverly Wool or DMC cotton. You can choose from over 15 colors of velvet backing, and can opt to add piping around the edge of your needlepoint pillow. If you like, we can customize the needlepoint pillow with a name or change a design to use the colors that you desire.

Every 12 x 12 inch and larger needlepoint pillow comes complete with a zipper in the back to remove the pillow form that it comes with. Our smaller needlepoint pillows are stuffed to size and sealed without the option to remove the stuffing.

Our needlepoint pillows are made by hand, stitch by stitch, so they take 3-4 months to finish.

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About this Design

This gentle giant was originally a rescue dog, saving travelers from avalanches. These dogs would work in packs. Smelling down through the snow several feet, locating the victim; they would lick and lie down on the person to keep them warm, while the other dog would go get the rescue team. Loyal, friendly, and sweet! Add some personality to your living space with our Saint Bernard needlepoint pillow. (adapted from a photo by: ofrockwood)