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One of a kind Needlepoint Pillows

The best needlepoint pillows are the ones we hand stitch from 100% Wavery Wool or DMC cotton. You can choose from over 15 colors of velvet backing, and can opt to add piping around the edge of your needlepoint pillow. If you like, we can customize the needlepoint pillow with a name or change a design to use the colors that you desire.
Every 12 x 12 inch and larger needlepoint pillow comes complete with a zipper in the back to remove the pillow form that it comes with. Our smaller needlepoint pillows are stuffed to size and sealed without the option to remove the stuffing.

Velvet Backing Colors

Velvet Backing Colors
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Piping Close Up

Pillow Piping
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All of our pillows can be made with our without piping. This is an optional extra and does cost more. You can see the top pillow has a piped edge while the pillow below has a smooth edge.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Since we stitch only the finest quality needlepoint pillows, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the stitching and quality of our work. For this reason, we ask that you take your time when reviewing and approving your design.

Custom and Personalized Needlepoint Pillow Design Information

Each pillow is made to order and many of our designs offer a personalized option. Personalized pillow designs will be emailed to you for your approval 3 – 5 business days after you place your order. If you are making a pillow from a photo or want to make one of a graphic design, go ahead and place your order and then our design team will be in touch within a few days. You can also email us any issues you notice in your preview that you want to be fixed.


Once your design has been approved, it takes us 8 to 12 weeks to stitch and finish a pillow.