whiskey needlepoint flask kit

This is a listing for an unfinished needlepoint canvas. View finished flask listing: Whiskey Needlepoint Flask

Thread Options  

Mesh Count: 18 per inch
Canvas Size: 11 x 5.78 inches
Print Size: 9 x 3.78 inches
Number of Colors: 13


personalize this flask:

If personalized, a design proof will be created before stitching and emailed to you for your approval.

It invites you to explore and indulge in its grand diversity! Yes, whiskey or whisky . . . no matter how you spell it is carefully crafted from fermented grain mash; usually corn, barley, rye or wheat. Aged in wooden casks, and artistically created with a wide range of variables. We have created a Whiskey needlepoint flask canvas, perfect for creating and later to use for your favorite spirit. Please feel free to exchange one image for a monogram. (DMC embroidery floss is optional, does not include leather or metal flask)

Needlepaint Needlepoint Kit & Canvas Informations

Stitch Guide

Your order will include the needlepoint design printed on high-quality Zweigart mono deluxe canvas.   We will also send you a printed color aid and stitch guides for your canvas to aid in your stitching.  

This is a listing for a needlepoint canvas. A do-it-yourself needlepoint canvas where you do the stitching.