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Siberian Husky Needlepoint Pillow Canvas

This is a listing for an unfinished needlepoint canvas. View finished Pillow listing: Siberian Husky Needlepoint Pillow


Edge Protection:

Mesh Count: 12 per inch
Canvas Size: 16 x 16 inches
Print Size: 14 x 14 inches
Number of Colors: 12


The Siberian Husky is dignified, gentle and very loyal to their people. This dog has an amazingly thick fur coat, which can come in handy when he's being a sled dog. These dogs can have brown or blue eyes, or maybe even one of each, like our needlepoint Siberian Husky pillow canvas. A great kit to stitch for any dog lover.

Adapted from a photo by: flicker user re-ality.

Needlepaint Needlepoint Kit & Canvas Information

Stitch Guide

Your order will include the needlepoint design printed on high-quality Zweigart mono deluxe canvas.   We will also send you a printed color aid and stitch guides for your canvas to aid in your stitching.  

This is a listing for a needlepoint canvas. A do-it-yourself needlepoint canvas where you do the stitching.