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Republican Needlepoint Flask Canvas


Mesh Count: 18 per inch

Canvas Size: 11 x 5.78 inches

Print Size: 9 x 3.78 inches

Number of Colors: 4

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All canvases come with a printed stitch guide.

The Republicans say the elephant is strong and dignified, thus being used as their "team" mascot. This symbol is as familiar as the "red, white, and blue". Having been used since 1874, artist Thomas Nast generated the elephant in a political cartoon. That's all it took to become associated with the Republican party. Enjoy showing your political preferences by stitching our needlepoint flask canvas. Please let us know what monogram you would like to use on your flask.

18 mesh has very small holes and can be difficult to see, 14 is the most common and 12 mesh is better for someone whose eyesight is not as good as it used to be.