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Majestic Moose Needlepoint Pillow Canvas


Mesh Count: 18 per inch

Canvas Size: 9.78 x 9.78 inches

Print Size: 7.78 x 7.78 inches

Number of Colors: 2




All canvases come with a printed stitch guide.

There is no mistaking the recognition of a moose; with his striking appearance, towering stature, long legs, long face, and very wide flat antlers. It's hard to image that the moose is actually a surviving species of the deer family. Stitch this fun needlepoint canvas, and create a pillow for your cabin, or recreation room, and add that rustic feel of nature to your living space. Please feel free to switch out these two colors to your liking.

18 mesh has very small holes and can be difficult to see, 14 is the most common and 12 mesh is better for someone whose eyesight is not as good as it used to be.