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Geometric Mosaic Rug Needlepoint Kit


Edge Protection:

Mesh Count: 10 per inch
Canvas Size: 24 x 42 inches
Print Size: 22 x 40 inches
Number of Colors: 7


"While I walked through ancient Rome and Pompeii, the mosaics on floors, walls, and columns transformed in my mind to needlepoint pillows, wall hangings, rugs and a myriad of new projects." -- Peggy Bond

Geometric designs occurred frequently in Pompeii, as well as throughout ancient civilizations. Peggy has designed this fabulous rug canvas, based on the Threshold from the House of Publius Fannius Synistor. It was originally used in the summer dining area of this house. Be sure to check out our blog post, for more information and ideas on special stitches that will make this mosaic piece extra special. Thread is optional, does not include finishing materials. 

Please read more about how to stitch this design on her blog post here:

Needlepaint Needlepoint Kit & Canvas Information

Stitch Guide

Your order will include the needlepoint design printed on high-quality Zweigart mono deluxe canvas.   We will also send you a printed color aid and stitch guides for your canvas to aid in your stitching.  

This is a listing for a needlepoint canvas. A do-it-yourself needlepoint canvas where you do the stitching.