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Chow Chow Needlepoint Pillow Canvas

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Chow Chows are most memorable by their physical feature - the blue black tongue. According to Chinese legend, the tongue got it colors during the time of creation, when the sky was being painted the Chow licked up drops of the color. Bright, dignified and fiercely protective, the chow is wonderfully depicted on our needlepoint pillow canvas. (adapted from a photo by Luigi Borromeo)

18 mesh has very small holes and can be difficult to see, 14 is the most common and 12 mesh is better for someone whose eyesight is not as good as it used to be.

Mesh Count: 14 per inch

Canvas Size: 14.14 x 14.14 inches

Print Size: 12.14 x 12.14 inches

Number of Colors: 16