american bison needlepoint flask kit

This is a listing for an unfinished needlepoint canvas. View finished flask listing: American Bison Needlepoint Flask

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Mesh Count: 18 per inch
Canvas Size: 11 x 5.78 inches
Print Size: 9 x 3.78 inches
Number of Colors: 4


personalize this flask:

If personalized, a design proof will be created before stitching and emailed to you for your approval.

Did you know you can tell the mood of a bison "or buffalo" by its tail? If it is down and swishing gently, he is happy. But if his tail is straight up -- better run! The largest American mammal, weighs in at around 2000 pounds. Despite their massive size, they are quick on their feet, running at around 35 - 40 miles per hour if necessary. We have illustrated this American icon, on a needlepoint flask canvas, we think you'll enjoy, complete with a personalized monogram. (DMC embroidery floss is optional, does not include leather or metal flask)

Needlepaint Needlepoint Kit & Canvas Informations

Stitch Guide

Your order will include the needlepoint design printed on high-quality Zweigart mono deluxe canvas.   We will also send you a printed color aid and stitch guides for your canvas to aid in your stitching.  

This is a listing for a needlepoint canvas. A do-it-yourself needlepoint canvas where you do the stitching.