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Princeton University Needlepoint Belt

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Princeton University was one of nine "Colonial Colleges" established before the American Revolution. A campus rich in history, with events such as in 1777 when George Washington drove the British from Nassau Hall. This campus has extraordinary architecture including Colonial, Collegiate, Gothic, Italian, Romanesque and Modern. On our needlepoint Princeton belt, we have included: Cleveland Tower, Nassau Hall, Alexander Hall, Blair, Maclean House, Fitz Randolph Gate, East Pyne Hall, John Witherspoon Statue, Football Stadium, and Boathouse. This Princeton gift is perfect for current students or alumni!

About Needlepaint Handmade belts

There is no denying the stylish and elegant nature of a needlepoint belt. As traditional as they are fun, our handmade belts are detailed and of the highest quality. Each belt also includes a free monogram to make it even more special.

Your design is made specific to your belt size, so we email you a preview of your belt to be approved before we make one stitch. It is important that you have the right size, so make sure to read the sizing guide to assure you are getting the right fit.

Since we create only the finest quality needlepoint belts, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the stitching and quality. For this reason, we ask that you take your time when reviewing and measuring prior to us making the needlepoint belt. Remember that it will take us about 8 -12 weeks to stitch and finish your needlepoint belt.

Belt Details and Sizing